Alternate History

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Unread postby Saizo (архив) » 24 Feb 2005, 15:15

Title: Alternate History (7 parts)

Author: Hitomi Ichinohei

Webpage: [url=""][/url]

Awards: TASS Awards Award for Annual 1996, 14th place (tie)

Teaser: A retelling of Ranma 1/2 with a few differences. Akane and Ranma come to a rapid understanding and hatch a plan to get the engagement called off. As part of the plan, and as a result of losing a bet, Ranma goes to school as a girl.....

Status: Incomplete 125pp

Забавная вещица. Почитал на днях - понравилось. Жаль только не закончена. Однако, рекомендую... ^_-
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