My contacts [English]

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My contacts [English]

Unread postby chebmaster » 18 Dec 2020, 02:33

[*]My FFnet page
[*]My rubbish text generator for imitating alien language in fics
[*]Myinteractive map visualizing random encounters in Fallout 2
[*]My QQ alt-identity for posting my smut stories: NOPE.
[*]My FukuFics profile


[*]My forum (it's not ded, I swear, it just smells so)
[*]The old, fossilized website of fan-translated Ranma fanfics I inherited because no one else was going to maintain it
[*]My Ficbook profile
[*]My profile
[*]My profile
[*]My ancient anime fansubs (translated from English)
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