The Art of War'

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Unread postby Dargor (архив) » 12 Sep 2006, 13:22

Wfrose обновил свой "[url=""]The Art of War[/url]". Довольно своеобразная штука...

Набики подаёт идею Ранминым невестам- "кто первой соблазнит Ранму, получит остальных на месяц в роли рабов". Времени- неделя. Ну и понеслась :aiaiai:

К 12 главе всё, само собой, уже вверх тормашками.

[quote]"CURSES!" The Amazon shouted out, as she just missed grasping onto Ranma before he disappeared. With nothing she could do about it now, she quickly made her way to where the girls were trapped; the matriarch's basic humanity not allowing them to be trapped with a demon like Happosai, especially in their current states.[/quote]
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