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Unread postPosted: 08 Sep 2006, 10:19
by Maxv (архив)
[url=""]Источник утонувшего(ей).....[/url]

Воодушевлённый работой Иннортола "Пачка Ранма-омаков в иннортоловском стиле", Рингмастер, владелец Двинутого Цирка, с гордостью представляет свою подборку безумных возможностей Ранмы и его новые проклятия!

Достаточно забавно. Пока что есть Ранма-оки и Рандельморт.

[quote]Genma paled. “Um, maybe we can go back to China, and get cured? Maybe this isn't a good time for `fiancées'?”[/quote]

[quote]“Um… a new, uh, process that I… discovered… I'm calling it… er, dragonscale leather.”

“The cut's a little small, but then, Nabiki prefers that. It's so soft, too.”

“Well, Herb was a young dragon… COW! Definitely cow. Yeah.”[/quote]


Читать интересно.

Unread postPosted: 24 Feb 2007, 19:29
by aikr (архив)

[quote]“Hold, foul varlet! Today your black magicks will avail you not, for the Blue Thunder will free the beauteous Akane Tendo, her two sisters (though I care not for the mercenary Nabiki), the twenty-one Amazons, and the not-quite-feminine-but-still-rather-cute okonomiyaki chef from your wicked grasp so that they may be free to date me!” A pause. “I may as well free my twisted sister from your clutches, I suppose. But for sure, I will claim the fierce tigress Akane, the demure Kasumi, the voluptuous Shampoo, her twenty Amazon sisters, and the shapely-even-in-men’s-clothing Ukyo for myself. I suppose that the wicked Nabiki and my twisted sister are… optional.”[/quote]

Unread postPosted: 24 Feb 2007, 19:43
by Siberian-Troll (архив)
Хы, да, уже прочел.

[quote]Автор большой и мегапопулярной серии книг....[/quote]

[quote]- Познакомьтесь с моим редактором...[/quote]

Unread postPosted: 24 Feb 2007, 20:22
by aikr (архив)
[quote name='Siberian-Troll' date='Суббота, 24 Февраля 2007, 19:43']Автор большой и мегапопулярной серии книг....[/quote]

"Just one little manga". Хотя...

[quote]Saffron held out an orange book, blushing.


Unread postPosted: 24 Feb 2007, 22:50
by Siberian-Troll (архив)
[quote]"Just one little manga"...[/quote]

Только как минимум в 15 томах....

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